Beachey Oldfield ticket

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Early pilots earned income by demonstrating flight to paying audiences. As the novelty wore off, people expected more of a show so promoters added races and stunt flying. Lincoln Beachey was considered by many, including Orville Wright, as the greatest stunt pilot of the pre -World War I era. He earned fame by diving down and picking up a scarf from the ground with the tip of one wing and by flying over Niagara Falls and then under the suspension bridge below before a crowd of 150,000. He teamed with famed race car driver Barney Oldfield in staged races between his Curtiss bi-plane and OldfieldÂ’s Fiat racer. This ticket stub is from one such show in Los Angeles in 1914.


Beachey Oldfield ticket


Beachey Oldfield ticket

Library of Congress photo, 1912

Library of Congress photo, 1914


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