Lt. Estell H. "Eck" Rorick, R.M.A.

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The story of Oregon's Estell H. "Eck" Rorick is very similar to that of many young American men during World War One: the combination of patriotism and a desire to learn to fly spurred them to join the war effort. "Eck" Rorick's legacy is different because he travelled with a camera, took many photos on the ground and in the air, and later donated detailed photo albums to the Horner Museum, in Corvallis.


"For those who have never been up in an aeroplane, words cannot begin to describe the beautiful scenery, that abounds and the Mother Earth below.

"If the author should happen to have a fatal crash sometime, it is his desire that this little book be sent to his Father and Mother Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Rorick, The Dalles, Oregon, who would cherish this as his last remembrance to them." - Estell H. Rorick


"Eck" Rorick graduated from The Dalles High School in 1916. He enlisted in the US Army one day after declaration of war in 1917. By March of 1918 he was commissioned as an Army Aviator and assigned as a gunnery instructor at Ft. Worth, Texas. He helped to form a new gunnery school at Hazelhurst Field, New York in 1918. Later, assigned to Brindley Field, Long Island, New York he flew exhibition flights in support of war bond drives. His photo albums include various subjects of state side US Army aviation training during World War One.


Lt. Estell H. Rorick, R.M.A

Flying in formation over New York

Curtis Jenny training planes

Camera Gun photo by Eck Rorick

Statue of Liberty aerial photo

Oregon WWI pilot Estell Rorick


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